Our Approach

We want to make it as easy as possible to understand your business needs and constraints, scope out delivery options and then build out the solution. To achieve this, we employ a structured approach to our projects which looks something like this:

Step 0: Get in touch!

Drop us a quick message and we’ll schedule a chat.

Step 1: Initial chat (free)

15-20 minute chat over Hangouts/Skype/phone to get a high-level overview of your business needs and ensure we’re a mutual fit.

Step 2: Roadmapping (fixed price)

This is a 1 day discovery session (either in-person or over a video call) aimed at digging into the core business objective you’re trying to achieve and producing a plan of tasks, time and costs that will demonstrate how we will deliver this outcome for you.

During the session, we will discuss and define:

Once the session is complete, we will go away and prescribe solution options based on our discussions. These will be included within a written report containing a solution architecture and detailed delivery plan which you will typically receive 1 week after the session.

At this stage, you are under no obligation to proceed with us! You are free to take your plan to other companies and shop around, although we do (of course) hope you will choose us.

Step 3: Iterative Implementation

Our main goal during this phase is to deliver real value as early as possible to your users and build in feedback as we go along. To that end, we work in short “sprints” — 2 week development cycles where we write the code and configure systems to for a small set of specific features, which we release to your users at the end of the cycle.

We will be in regular contact with your team to solicit feedback on what has been delivered and discuss priorities for future sprints.

Step 4: Support

Whether you have your own in-house engineering/operations team who you want to take over ownership or you will require a more hands-on support with future product direction and technical issues, we can provide you with customised long-term options for your solution.