Serverless Migration Feasibility Assessment

You’re running your product on a raft of AWS EC2 servers but your architecture is growing in complexity and scaling issues are really starting to bite.

Your developers are at their best when they’re shipping new features for your users — they don’t have the skillset (or desire) to get bogged down in managing infrastructure and operational issues and you don’t want to have to hire dedicated full-time ops engineers.

Your long-term strategy is to go serverless. You understand its benefits and can see how it would be a great fit for your product and team. But you’re not sure on what the migration would look like and how much it would cost. You need to know:

This is where a Serverless Migration Feasibility Assessment can help you.

I’ll analyse your as-is architecture and the make-up of your engineering team and come up with a personalised, step-by-step plan for how you can gradually migrate your product over to using Lambda + fully managed cloud services.

Here’s exactly how it works:

  1. We’ll schedule a free initial consultation. I’ll learn a bit more about you, your product and your team, and ask you for a few data points that help me understand your current situation.
  2. After our free session, if it looks like I can definitely help you to develop a migration plan, I’ll send you a link to book a Serverless Migration Feasibility Assessment workshop session, which will take place over Zoom video call. This costs £495.
  3. Ahead of our workshop session, I will ask you to provide me with read-only/restricted access to your AWS account and codebase, and to send me any architectural documentation or diagrams you have. We can put an NDA in place before this. This will help me to form a detailed picture of your as-is system.
  4. During our workshop session, we’ll do a deep dive into each component of your technical architecture and into the main operational pains you’re currently encountering. My main goal during the session is to tease out the main risk areas in doing a migration.
  5. After our workshop, I’ll put together a comprehensive report detailing a final architecture along with a roadmap on how to gradually migrate to it, and the tasks and costs involved in getting to each stage.

“I don’t have the budget or time right now to implement a full migration of every component of our product to serverless, but think there are a few areas where we could start to introduce it and get quick wins. Can this assessment help me?” Yes, absolutely. When devising the migration plan, I will identify and prioritise any low-hanging fruit — components of your system which can be migrated with the least implementation effort/risk.

“I need someone to come in and lead / support the migration for us, and not just prescribe what to do. Can I hire you for both?” Yes! (availability permitting). After the assessment is completed, I can provide you with a quote on different levels of support during your migration period, from a technical advisory escalation point to full hands-on implementation.

“I’m using a cloud provider other than AWS. Can you still help me?” Unfortunately not. At this stage, I’m working solely with AWS.

To see if a Serverless Migration Feasibility Assessment is right for you, contact me to book your free initial consultation.

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